LAN Parties

The Murdoch Esports LAN Parties are the highlight of every semester. Throughout the year, we hold 3 LAN Parties – one at the start of each semester, and one after exams. With over 60 tables, you bring your own computer and come abuse the high speed university internet, all while having fun with your mates and meeting some new ones. Computer gaming isn’t the only thing that happens at the LAN Parties though, with DND Campaigns, MTG tables and console gaming happening throughout the night, with a movie or two on the projector!

Weekly Meetups

Every Friday, we meet up in the Student Hub to play games. Sounds like a nice way to end the week, yeah? Come down to the Student Hub after 5pm on Fridays (during teaching weeks) to come and play games with other members (sadly, we don’t have any computers, so it’s BYO, but this’ll be changing soon!). There’s usually board games, card games, or people watching games, so if you want a chill way to end your week, coming to the weekly meetup is a great way to start your weekend and meet some new members!

We also catch up on Thursdays at our Market Daze stall on Bush Court. We are usually located near the Student Hub infront of Chatime. Come down to chill with the committee members, chat with everyone.

One Day Tournaments

We hold one day Tournaments for a variety of games semesterly! It’s a great way to compete against your mates, win some pride, as well as a prize or two. It’s also a great way to show off some skill. However, if you aren’t so confident, or you just want to play for fun, there are different tournaments to cater for all skill levels. We are always looking to expand our roster of games, so if you want to try out a tourney for a different game, let us know in our discord!

Viewing Parties

If there’s a tournament on, we will try and get a viewing party going! Normally held on campus, viewing parties are the best way to watch your favourite games – watching pros duke it out with your mates and a bit of pizza! We usually have one for major events such as ESL One, MSI and Worlds, however if there is a tournament you want us to get a party going for, give us a bit of notice and we will be there!