Murdoch Esports Telethon Streamathon


24-hour Telethon Charity Streamathon When: Friday Oct 23rd (starting at 12 noon AWST) until Saturday Oct 24th (12 noon) Where: Join us on Twitch at Donate here: Join the Murdoch esports club this October 23-24 as we host 24 hours of non-stop gaming fun on our Twitch channel. We are aiming to raise $500 to donate to Telethon. We will be playing a range of games including Among Us, Untitled Goose Game, Jackbox, Overwatch and more. Donate to our Telethon page to set challenges for our streamers, like playing one-handed, playing on expert mode or eating spicy foods. Tune [...]

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Don't own a Jersey yet? Or are you looking at buying a new game on steam? YES!? Then this is the raffle for you. Tickets will cost $2 each, and you can buy as many as you like! It's a great way to help support the club and ensure the year follows the momentum of last year and keeps the number of events and prizes high for your benefit! To buy a ticket, you must sign up on the website. Signing up to the site, in turn, means you signed up to the club! This is just to ensure [...]

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Annual General Meeting this Thursday!


Hey Guys! Just a quick reminder that the AGM is in two days! (Thursday 31/10/18 5:30-8 pm) Which is where the next executive committee will be elected. Pizza will be provided as well as your last chance for voting for nominees if you haven't already. This is also the best chance to find out what's happening in the club and voice your opinions and thoughts. Location: The Loft (Above Sir Walters Cafe) We hope to see you all there

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End of Year LAN Party Announced!


READY FOR A LAN ANNOUNCEMENT? I'm ready for the LAN announcement, you asked for more events and we heard! First, let me just iron out some worries for this LAN date. It's not on Easter. It's not on Fathers day. It's not on any sort of public holiday. Phew! It was nearly 3/3, but I pulled some strings and the LAN falls on a normal weekend! WHEN & WHEREIt will be overnight from 12pm on Saturday 30th November to 12pm on Sunday 1st December located in the Learning Link Building, 513.2.002 & 513.2.004 (Same building as our normal LANs). [...]

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Website 2.0 – The new era


When I joined the committee at the start of 2019, I advocated for an update to our website, an e-shop to sell merch and tickets along with it to track our premium memberships. As in the past, we manually sent out invoices to individuals for LAN and premium, yes sending out an individual invoice to 50 people! This semester I was given the reigns to design, implement and roll out our very own membership program and eshop on my own and it is with great pride I can now say I have completed this goal. LAN tickets when made available [...]

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Murdoch to open first university esports space in WA


Murdoch University, in conjunction with Murdoch Esports and Murdoch Sports, will be opening an on-campus esports space for student use in 2020.  It will give the competitive esports teams of Murdoch University a space to practice on campus, as well as act as a hub for students of all backgrounds on campus to socialise through video gaming. “This space is intended to operate in a way to support students at Murdoch University and to attract members to the esports club. It’s an exciting development in the area of esports at Murdoch University,” said Murdoch Sports Manager Jamie Ball. Esports is [...]

Murdoch to open first university esports space in WA2019-12-10T14:58:05+08:00

Gaming Hub Announced


Today we are proud to move forward into the next stage of the Club's life. For the past year, Kyle Haddleton (President) and Morgan Humphreys (Vice President) have worked hard to secure both the space and funding for a gaming hub on campus alongside Murdoch Sports. We are currently moving into the second phase due to a sizeable grant that got approved by the SSAF committee. The facility will give us a chance to allow our teams a dedicated space to train and organise more cross-university exhibition matches, plus more. The room is estimated to be open to students in [...]

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MES 2019 Election


Nomination is now open for Executive committee. All five roles are up for election (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Competitive Manager). To enrol yourself as a candidate please fill out the form below. On the 1st of October, the election channel will be made available where you may write a small post explaining why you believe you are fit for the roles you have chosen. Election voting will take place from the 25th of October until 31st of October where the ballets will be counted at the AGM, and the elected candidates announced. On the 25th of October, at the [...]

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Diving into Modern UR Gifts Storm


Alright – Modern. I don’t have a damn clue what I’m doing in modern. I have just picked up the format and the deck I’m playing (my sideboard is missing like 7 cards!). However, I decided to put myself down for a modern tournament at my LGS today and it went… ok? I have tested a little bit with people – a bit of a low-powered version of 8-rack, G-Tron and a UR Wizards build. I had no expectations of myself and no knowledge of what the meta game at the store was going to be [...]

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A New Horizon – Murdoch Esports 2018 University Rumble: Overwatch Announcement


We said there would be more news today about the Rumble. We are happy to announce that we will be holding a University Rumble for Overwatch! The University Rumbles are Murdoch Esports’s major tournaments for the year. Held in Semester 2 of each year, Rumbles are a multi-week league, emulating some of the most popular esports tournaments around the world. There will only be 1 division to start with for Overwatch, but if it's popular enough we might make a second division for Gold and Below players. Signup: Ruleset:

A New Horizon – Murdoch Esports 2018 University Rumble: Overwatch Announcement2019-12-10T15:01:44+08:00

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