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Murdoch Esports fields a variety of teams Overwatch, Rocket League, Rainbow 6 Siege, League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Valorant. Competing in leagues and events nation wide. Murdoch Esports mission is to support our players in their growth as athletes and to see them prosper in the Australian Esports scene.

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Apex Legends

The Murdoch Apex team competes in the ALGS and other tournaments. The team is always looking for new members no matter the skill level and signups are always welcome.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Murdoch Esports CS:GO Team competes in the AEL Universtiy League and other tournaments. There is currently one main team that plays. We are always looking for new members, so join if you are interested. Your rank does not matter as long as you are happy to play some CS:GO.

Dota 2

The Murdoch Esports Dota 2 team is the newest competitive team representing Murdoch Esports. Currently they’re training up to prepare for AEL Semester 1 2021 so be sure to apply today!

League of Legends

The Murdoch Esports League of Legends team is the university’s first esports squad, starting in 2017. Since its humble beginnings, the program has grown to include two teams who play in intervarsity and amateur tournaments across Australia. Ranked Gold and above and want to try your hand? Sign up!

Rainbow 6 Siege

Join a set of highly competitive and analytical Rainbow Six: Siege players, as we: drone, shoot, execute, and push the limits and expectations of University Siege. Extensive use of scrims, strat making, vod review, and in-person training (at Murdoch’s Gaming Hub) help push every player that joins Murdoch’s Competitive Siege team. Murdoch is currently seeking players for its B Team, MDU Black. Upon successfully receiving a spot, you will be given access to the plethora of in-house-made resources, including strat books, pro league and personal analysis, as well as the ever-giving and eager time and attention of all Murdoch Competitive Siege team members!

Rocket League

The Murdoch Esports Rocket League team competes in both live and online competitions, this includes AEL and WAESL. There are currently two squads, but we are always looking for new members ranked gold and up, who are interested in the competitive scenes. If you’re interested sign up today!


The Murdoch Esports Valorant Team competes in the AOEsports Conquest Clash and is looking to compete in many other upcoming tournaments. The team has two squads and are currently recruiting new members who are keen to compete and improve. So no matter your rank, apply today!


The Murdoch Esports Overwatch Team is currently looking strong in the AAOL and many of the other events they participate in. There is currently a team, but there’s always room for more, so if you are keen to join, apply!