Today we are proud to move forward into the next stage of the Club’s life. For the past year, Kyle Haddleton (President) and Morgan Humphreys (Vice President) have worked hard to secure both the space and funding for a gaming hub on campus alongside Murdoch Sports. We are currently moving into the second phase due to a sizeable grant that got approved by the SSAF committee. The facility will give us a chance to allow our teams a dedicated space to train and organise more cross-university exhibition matches, plus more. The room is estimated to be open to students in February 2020.

Being a part of facilitating the universities recognition of Esports is both exciting and fills us personally with pride. We are sure the students are going to love the gaming hub. To state we are all excited for this project is an understatement; we can not wait to see what 2020 brings for the Club. We are sure we’ll be supporting the universities stance on Esports for years to come. Feel free to tell us feedback regarding your hopes and dreams for the room so we can best represent you as the project moves forward.