The Executive Committee


Alistair Berry

Gamer Tag: Chr0nic

Discord Tag: Chr0nic#2111

Age: 19

Studying: Cyber Security and Forensics & Internetworking and Network Security

Favourite Game: Apex Legends

Fun Fact: “I’ve played all the competitive team games.”

Vice President

Carla Swart

Gamer Tag: Perfectfang

Discord Tag: Carla#8334

Age: 18

Studying: Vet Science

Favourite Game: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Fun Fact: “I love lore, a good story can make me forget the world.”


Sian Duangpon O’Keefe

Gamer Tag: Hobbitlxck

Discord Tag: Rouge#7638

Age: 21

Studying: Law and Global Politics & Policy

Favourite Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Cookie Clicker, Paradise Killer, Not Tonight

Fun Fact: “What about a second fun fact?”


Sean O’Keefe

Gamer Tag: Captain Felix/Felix Argyle

Discord Tag: Felix Argyle#4126

Age: 22

Studying: Business (Economics Major)

Favourite Game: Minecraft, ArmA 3, Hearts of Iron 4, Rimworld

Fun Fact: “I really like listening to and discussing music.”

Competitive Manager


Social Media Manager

Tay Hawkins

Gamertag: Azrielyn

Discord Tag: Azrielyn#5496

Age: 20

Studying: Games Art & Design 

Favourite Game: League of Legends

Fun Fact: “If you don’t play ranked, League isn’t as bad as people make it out to be!”

Game Coordinators

League of Legends

Andrew Amos

Gamer Tag: Ducky
Discord Tag: Ducky#8329
Age: 21
Studying: Journalism and Global Politics & Policy
Favourite Game: League of Legends
Fun Fact: “I write about video games for a living!”

Rainbow Six Siege TBA



The Sub Committee

TBA in the new Semester!