The Executive Committee


Kyle Haddleton

Gamer Tag: Skippy
Discord Tag: Skippy#4965
Age: 21
Studying: Nursing
Favourite Game: Osu!
Fun Fact: “Since I started playing games I’ve wished I could be a professional in basically every game I played.”

Vice President

Morgan Humphreys

Gamer Tag: Morgthebrit
Discord Tag: MorgtheBrit#9536
Age: 21
Studying: Internetworking and Network Security & Business Information Systems.
Favourite Game: CSGO
Fun Fact: “I had to choose a fact about me or a real fact for this question”


Peter Crabbe

Gamer Tag: Arkwolf
Discord Tag: Arkwolf#1061
Age: 27
Studying: Computer Science / Games Tech
Favourite Game: Dota 2
Fun Fact: “Been to both The International 2015 and 2016 which were both the largest esport events of their year.”


Sandro Stikić

Gamer Tag: opeik
Discord Tag: opeik#6337
Age: 22
Studying: Computer Science / Games Technology
Favourite Game: Cave Story
Fun Fact: “I like fighting games.”

Competitive Manager

Jacob Howarth

Gamer Tag: CamperCombo
Discord Tag: CamperCombo#3314
Age: 21
Studying: Secondary Education and Biological Sciences
Favourite Game: ARMA 3
Fun Fact: “Cameras really dont like me, but I like everyone!”

The Sub Committee

Aaron Satterthwaite

Discord Tag: Kairis#0090
Studying: Computer Science & Cyber Security and Forensics
Favourite Game: Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild
Fun Fact: “I used to admin multiple Meme pages / servers over on Facebook, Discord etc.”

Sian Duangpon O’Keefe

Age: 19
Discord Tag: Rouge#7638
Studying: Double Major in Law and Global Politics and Policy
Favourite Game: Dragon Age Inquisition / Dead by Daylight
Fun Fact: “Mythology enthusiast.”

Meghan Jacobs

Age: 21
Discord Tag: Otaku_Angel#7741
Studying: Clinical Laboratory Science and Genetics and Molecular Biology
Favourite Game: Pokemon Moon
Fun Fact: I like to Cosplay in my spare time!


Age: 20
Discord Tag: Elemere#9717
Studying: Laboratory Medicine & Genetics and Molecular Biology
Favourite Game: To the Moon
Fun Fact: I play music

Gary Li

Age: 23
Discord Tag: Ninjafridge#8677
Studying: Internetworking and Network Security
Favourite Game: Pokemon Sapphire
Fun Fact: I break dance