The Executive Committee


Jacob Howarth

Gamer Tag: CamperCombo

Discord Tag: CamperCombo#3314

Age: 21

Studying: Secondary Education and Biological Sciences

Favourite Game: ARMA 3

Fun Fact: “You can find me @Camper_Cosplay on TikTok”

Vice President

Aaron Satterthwaite

Gamer Tag: Kairis
Discord Tag: Kairis#0090
Studying: Business Information System
Favourite Game: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Fun Fact: “I am the first to win the role Game Night Gamer!”


Sian Duangpon O’Keefe

Gamer Tag: Rouge

Discord Tag: Rouge#7638

Age: 20

Studying: Double Major in Law and Global Politics and Policy

Favourite Game: Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Sims

Fun Fact: “What about a second fun fact?”


Carlos De Leon

Gamertag: Arctic

Discord Tag: Arctickako#5743

Age: 24

Studying: Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing

Favourite Game: Dark Souls

Fun Fact: “Like, about me or in general?”

Competitive Manager

Madi Slattery

Gamer Tag: Chocoboi

Discord Tag: Chocoboi#9925

Age: 18

Studying: Psychology

Favourite Game: Skyrim, Dragon Age: Inquistion

Fun Fact: “I’m addicted to buying fancy cardboard squares”

The Sub Committee

Montserrat Catalina Calderon Arancibia

Discord Tag: zyc#9217

Age: 19

Studying: Bsc of Science

Favourite Game: Paper Mario TTYD

Fun Fact: I’m Chilean – my name is Spanish.

Christina (Kim) Chan

Discord Tag: Kim#1111

Age: 20

Studying: Business Information Systems & Cyber Security and Forensics

Favourite Game: Overcooked, Overwatch

Fun Fact: “Literally addicted to boba”

Taylor Hawkins

Discord Tag: Azrielyn#5496

Age: 19

Studying: Graphic Design and Games Art + Design

Favourite Game: League of Legends

Fun Fact: Loves caramel

Emma Haddleton

Discord Tag: Princess | Emma
Studying: Forensic Biology and Toxicology
Favourite Game: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate
Fun Fact: “I have kept all the cards people have gifted to me over the years.”

Megan Pusey

Discord Tag: Arknym#6244
Studying: PhD (IT/Education)
Favourite Game: Horizon Zero: Dawn
Fun Fact: “Has previously lived in Hawaii”