When I joined the committee at the start of 2019, I advocated for an update to our website, an e-shop to sell merch and tickets along with it to track our premium memberships. As in the past, we manually sent out invoices to individuals for LAN and premium, yes sending out an individual invoice to 50 people!

This semester I was given the reigns to design, implement and roll out our very own membership program and eshop on my own and it is with great pride I can now say I have completed this goal. LAN tickets when made available will be purchasable from our eshop, and you can subscribe and renew your premium membership all from one place!

So head over to and at the bottom of the page click register to sign up today! Registrations are valid all the way into the end of 2020. It will be replacing our previous registration form so you will need to sign up to the website to be a registered member.

SIDE NOTE: Anyone who has paid for premium this year, we will actively be going through the registered users and signing them up. If you haven’t received your premium membership, please contact myself or another exec committee member. If you run into any issues on the site please DM me on discord so I can look into it during the rollout!